Sunday, December 28, 2008


steamers, swedish fish, wood, doro dango, vacuums.

These are a few of the things that have been my only entertainment for the past couple of days.

Is that just depressing as hell or what?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Something new

so I finally got around to putting a new blog of my own up.

It's a mess and a whole lot of emo (currently, thanks fuckers) but it'll get better... maybe >.>

Bigger Update than I Like

I'm cramming in info from the past couple of days instead of my usually daily chunk, so I apologize.

Yesterday:  Did the whole Christmas Eve service with the family.  Not really my choice, but at least we did something together.  It was...different...especially for an Episcopal church.  Given it's name was the Episcopal Church of the Ressurection, I guess you have to be a little more imaginative.  Sadly, I took of the body and blood of baby jesus.  I tried not to, but that wine was fiercely strong and forced me to swallow it all down.  Very grape-y, yes, but unbelievably strong.

Today:  Christmas morn'.  Argyle socks (very happy about those), a hat with LED lights for night riding, a beautiful pocket knife (though Kelly's is much much more cherished and wanted), a diploma frame, some shirts, and cookware stuffs.  In all, it's a pretty decent haul and dinner wasn't bad either.  Nice big ham on the grill, collard greens, sweet potato casserole, and lots of corn-bread.


After about two or so hours of hunting, I finally tracked down the Christmas special of Doctor Who.  My god, it was fantastic.  It was on par with all the other episodes.  However, there was no transition of Doctor(s).  No regeneration.  It was a really simple and very sweet story, nonetheless.  I'm still terribly sad that David Tennant is leaving his role as the Doctor, because I don't think any man can do better.  He is THE BEST Doctor the series has ever had, and it will be very unfortunate to see him go.  The remaining four or so Specials that will run through 2009 will be very much cherished, and I will steal all of them as they come.

Ta' for now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Damn viruses...virii?

My laptop's infected.

I've been working on it for two days or so, and it's currently undergoing a very, very thorough scan finally.

I hope it'll get rid of the stuff. It's part of the trojan.vundo family, and has apparently already replicated itself a number of times, so every time I use the laptop it tells me of 200 more instances in which it was found. Hooray.

I hate bad Internet users.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fleet Foxes

I've recently gotten my hands on Fleet Foxes' self-titled 2008 release.

It is absolutely brilliant in every regard.

"Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" is especially haunting, and the whole album just calls back to the 1960's when there was so much heart and love in music.

I can see why so many people and magazines have claimed this album to be in the top 50 of 2008, even top 10. I've seen a few place them at #1, with TV on the Radio's "Dear Science" album at #2. I'd say this is about right. I've never personally heard anything so...good in such a long time. It's so natural, and enjoyable. The whole album is so peaceful, it's unnerving. I really hope Fleet Foxes is here to stay. I'm picking up the LP as soon as I can for my collection.

Honestly, I don't care how you get a copy yourself, but do. You won't regret it. Seriously.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'll be sending a photo myself here soon. I'll probably post it here and everywhere soon.

Why not?

Happy Monkey!

Happy Monkey, everyone!

Spread the good cheer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Keep an eye

out for Muntadar al-Zaidi.

You know, the guy who threw his shoes at W.

His exact location as of now is unknown, but it is alleged he suffers from a broken arm and ribs, with minor cuts here and there. There are fears of his being tortured and beaten because of his actions, despite his engaging in free speech which is pro...oh yeah...this was in Iraq.

W COULD be a gentleman and push to spare and forgive the guy, but you know this won't happen.

One less 'raggy to pave the way for Good Ol' America, yeah?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Seriously...

This is a list I found here on how seriously one takes their atheism. Below is the list, with the things I've done in color:

  1. Participated in the Blasphemy Challenge.
  2. Met at least one of the “Four Horsemen” (Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris) in person.
  3. Created an atheist blog.
  4. Used the Flying Spaghetti Monster in a religious debate with someone.
  5. Gotten offended when someone called you an agnostic.
  6. Been unable to watch Growing Pains reruns because of Kirk Cameron.
  7. Own more Bibles than most Christians you know.
  8. Have at least one Bible with your personal annotations regarding contradictions, disturbing parts, etc.
  9. Have come out as an atheist to your family.
  10. Attended a campus or off-campus atheist gathering.
  11. Are a member of an organized atheist/Humanist/etc. organization.
  12. Had a Humanist wedding ceremony.
  13. Donated money to an atheist organization.
  14. Have a bookshelf dedicated solely to Richard Dawkins.
  15. Lost the friendship of someone you know because of your non-theism.
  16. Tried to argue or have a discussion with someone who stopped you on the street to proselytize.
  17. Hid your atheist beliefs on a first date because you didn’t want to scare him/her away.
  18. Own a stockpile of atheist paraphernalia (bumper stickers, buttons, shirts, etc).
  19. Attended a protest that involved religion.
  20. Attended an atheist conference.
  21. Subscribe to Pat Condell’s YouTube channel.
  22. Started an atheist group in your area or school.
  23. Successfully “de-converted” someone to atheism.
  24. Have already made plans to donate your body to science after you die.
  25. Told someone you’re an atheist only because you wanted to see the person’s reaction.
  26. Had to think twice before screaming “Oh God!” during sex. Or you said something else in its place.
  27. Lost a job because of your atheism.
  28. Formed a bond with someone specifically because of your mutual atheism (meeting this person at a local gathering or conference doesn’t count).
  29. Have crossed “In God We Trust” off of — or put a pro-church-state-separation stamp on — dollar bills.
  30. Refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  31. Said “Gesundheit!” (or nothing at all) after someone sneezed because you didn’t want to say “Bless you!”
    1. I've actually said that since I was in primary school, when I first learned it. Nowadays it's b/c of the religious connotation.
  32. Have ever chosen not to clasp your hands together out of fear someone might think you’re praying.
  33. Have turned on Christian TV because you need something entertaining to watch.
  34. Are a 2nd or 3rd (or more) generation atheist.
  35. Have “atheism” listed on your Facebook or dating profile — and not a euphemistic variant.
  36. Attended an atheist’s funeral (i.e. a non-religious service).
  37. Subscribe to an freethought magazine (e.g. Free Inquiry, Skeptic)
  38. Have been interviewed by a reporter because of your atheism.
  39. Written a letter-to-the-editor about an issue related to your non-belief in God.
  40. Gave a friend or acquaintance a New Atheist book as a gift.
  41. Wear pro-atheist clothing in public.
  42. Have invited Mormons/Jehovah’s Witnesses into your house specifically because you wanted to argue with them.
  43. Have been physically threatened (or beaten up) because you didn’t believe in God.
  44. Receive Google Alerts on “atheism” (or variants).
  45. Received fewer Christmas presents than expected because people assumed you didn’t celebrate it.
  46. Visited The Creation Museum or saw Ben Stein’s Expelled just so you could keep tabs on the “enemy.”
    1. I saw "Expelled" and was appalled. Saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" that same night (for free), so it wasn't too bad overall. I do plan on going to that museum soon, however.
  47. Refuse to tell anyone what your “sign” is… because it doesn’t matter at all.
  48. Are on a mailing list for a Christian organization just so you can see what they’re up to…
  49. Have kept your eyes open while you watched others around you pray.
  50. Avoid even Unitarian churches because they’re too close to religion for you.
It's an interesting list of things. I've done more of them than I first thought.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


America the beautiful...

supposed to be the home of the brave

and the land of the free -

where the truth's actually hidden

stored away so we can't see

all the hypocrisy

loss of privacy

so many without even a dollar to buy a happy -

meal for their kids.

So many people checkin' their shoulders

to the left and the right

never knowin' who's gonna come in the night

take them away -

never again to see the light of day -

but now America's one step closer freedom

and to the American way.

Foreign Dem-o-crat-i-za-tion

is just political imitation.

little flag pins and hours of smilin'

not gonna help all the people who are dyin'

in the streets

on their feet

can't be near the police

without fear of gettin' beat

just for the color of their skin -

for their perceived religion.

Just remember...

you're not always looked at strange,

and seen for what's on the out-side.

Some of us d0 care...

for what people are,

on the in-side.

Doesn't matter if you're white or black

or wear a hijab,

not all of us are who make

up this political mob,

that's poisoned our mentality -

sore-ly dis-torted our reality.

The time has come; there's change

in two-thousand and eight.

This is the new home of the brave.

It's a new land of the free.

It's time for the world to see,

that America can be beautiful again.

Brothers and sisters we have to

work hand in hand.

We have to make America

beautiful again.

--Copyright 2008--

This is mine. I made it, and now I claim it. I have staked a flag in this piece of creative territory. You use it, please let me know. I'm not asking for money, but if you make money off of it, be damned aware that I'll be asking for a share. Like...15% would do. And not for the initial sales; I mean the bigger 15%, the one after yearly sales are factored and all. You're my cash cow now. Congratulations.

And yes, credit goes to whoever coined "America the Beautiful", "Home of the brave" and "land of the free".


Well, I'm back home now, and exams are done. I don't really know how I did on any of them since grades haven't been posted (also, today was officially the last day of exams, AND the last day for students to move out of the dorms before being fined).

So far, I've gotten my hand on a good number of albums, most of them unknowns (but all of them pretty damn good). One of my early favorites is Klaus & Kinski. Good luck finding anything on them. So far, all my searches have really only resulted in their MySpace page, and the rest of them are about some German actor named Klaus Kinski. I'm also looking forward to hearing Jay Reatard (yes, his real name), Whitest Boy Alive, and Benji Hughes (a Charlotte, NC native). I'll update later and link to their respective info pages.

I also got to open up one of my Christmas gifts early - a computer desk so I'll have somewhere to put my new desktop that I got over Black Friday.

Tomorrow, I'm going with the parentals to meet some family for lunch. Bobbie and Laurie Norris. Bobbie's a fairly new preacher (been at it for at least a year now), and he's giving his spiel in Conway. They also want to visit the Coastal Grand Mall, as they've yet to go to it. It's bound to be a joyous day with this holy-rollin' duo.

Ah, well...such is life. One day you get a computer, the next you're dining with preachers.

Off to dreamland now.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Despite the good news of my completion of yet another hellish semester...

Bettie Page has died.

85 years old.



it is done

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

La Biblioteca

I be studyin' here.

Hooray "finals week".


Apparently I can get a "free" 'Red Blood of Jesus Prayer Handkerchief'.

Apparently, it's actually a loaner hanky. When you receive it, you're expected to return it with the amount of money you'd like to receive after he prays for you. A simple donation of $50 works fine with him.

Good ol' Pastor Kerney Thomas. Great videos can be found on the youtube.

Or you can find him every morning from 4-5am on BET.

It's a nice looking hanky, but I don't want to suffer from a flooding mailbox.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008


Last day of classes. I'm in the final class now.

Also! Happy 21st Amendment Day!

I actually may be imbibing a bit (friend's birthday tonight, funnily enough).


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Papers III

3 down.

3 left.

Somehow I'm making it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Caliban is not-so-much a sovereign-based subject in a relationship between the colonizer and the colonized...

but he should be seen in a bio-political standpoint. If Caliban is defined by Prospero, then Prospero is defined by Caliban.


Don't you see it too?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I got it! I got it!

I checked my mailbox tonight, and lo and behold!

I got my Friendly Atheist wristband!

It's black, so I'm happier.


Papers, part deux

One down, five to go.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Anyone want to write papers for me?

I've got six papers to write, four of which need to be about 10 pages long.

Any takers?