Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage.

I know, not Nicholas.

I was in a rush.

On Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage is phenomenal. Nicholas Cage is a crazy guy. Nicholas Cage IS Nicholas Cage.

I have to wholeheartedly agree with Roger Ebert and his defense of Nicholas Cage when he says "Cage has two speeds, intense and intenser".

In a time when actors will take roles they could do in their sleep, we have ONE man who will step up to any challenge, and whether or not he succeeds is irrelevant. Nicholas Cage is a hard-working man, and should be applauded for his years upon years of acting.

I mean, for god's sake, people! He starred in "Raising Arizona", "The Weatherman", "Adaptation"!

Granted, when I went in to see "Knowing" I was expecting it to be a virtual repeat of "Next". I had a feeling, however, that this movie could actually be something (mostly because Cage's hair wasn't in insane mode). I was pleasantly surprised by the film, and would gladly watch it again. The plot was of course absurd, but that's what people should come to expect from Mr. Cage. He is here to try and make a plot work, to make the reality he is creating plausible enough for us to believe.

Nicholas Cage is underrated as an actor, despite the enormous amount of films he's been in, whether it's a leading role or just hanging out. He receives a lot of flak for actually trying, which says plenty to me about just how banal and plain the film industry, and contemporary mentality, has become.

In a time when people want immediate satisfaction, and don't want actors to try out roles that may "look bad" for their image, we can only hope that Nicholas Cage continues to make films that push his range as an actor, and make people think. Despite the criticisms, Nicholas Cage continues his work, because he apparently loves what he does. He wants to act, and, by god, he will.

I can only say this: Thank you, Nicholas Cage. You have made me laugh, and think, and appreciate the hard work that acting can be. You're one in a million, and I can only hope there are more like you hidden somewhere, biding their time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Death and Carnage

Turns out that the power cord, the lifeblood of my laptop, decided to die for no good reason last night.

Since I did not purchase the school's $75 insurance plan or whatever, I will have to fork over about $70, depending on which part of the power cord died, if not both parts. Hell, they may charge me more just because.

Apparently I have become Death for tech items.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to Work


I'm back at school after a week of not doing a whole hell of a lot while also doing a good bit of stuffs.

As mentioned before, my Game Boy died. I'm still not happy about it, but I think I can move on with my life.

I'm not sick anymore, so that's a plus; I'm just suffering from allergy-related issues. Either that or I've got a tumor in my throat the size of a beachball.

-yawns- I finally had my first amazing night of sleep at this school last night, and damn was it great. Sadly I missed out on a chat with a friend of mine, and also a chat with my girl, so that was sad. I'll get to talk to them soon enough though, so hooray to that.

It's raining today, and it's quite nice. I love the light tapping of the rain on pavement, and to hear the trees rustle as droplets bounce from leaf to leaf.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Death of a Dear Friend

Today, something near and dear to me died.

I came across my old Game Boy after a few years of non-use, and was happy to see Tetris was laying right beside it.

I turned it on, and the faint yellow glow warmed my heart as I watched "Nintendo" scroll down to the middle of the screen, with that classic "ding" it always made.

Sadly, as the Tetris theme song came to play, I noticed the power light dimming, and the screen followed suit. I figured that the batteries, having not been changed in a while, had just given out and everything would be fine in a minute or so when I replaced them.

Alas, this was not so. Despite numerous battery combinations and a dozen attempts, my Game Boy wouldn't revive. I watched my oldest and most trusted gaming system take its last breath as I held it in my hands one last time.

It's probably silly to be saddened by this, or even upset as I am feeling right now, and it most likely is silly and foolish. But this Game Boy, that old grey brick, was my best and only friend for so many years, that it's hard to imagine I ever stopped playing it for a second. I have so many games I actually haven't finished, because I liked to take my time when it comes to playing games.

I'm not going to throw it away. I'm going to do a lot of research when I get back home from a quick shopping run to see if there's any way to revive my Game Boy, or even if I could by some sort of AC adapter and juice it up that way.

I've always loved you, Game Boy. You were a fantastic friend. If only Nintendo could continue making classic, durable products like that.

Friday, March 13, 2009

NCAA Tourney

Well, congratulations Wake Forest. You got to embarrass yourselves yet again with an unnecessarily weak performance. All season you've done well - you were second-seed for fuck's sake!

I stuck through the whole game, got my hopes up when you tied and started to break ahead, and then you fail.

Why the hell wasn't Chas in the game more? WHY?!

Some season.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kalimba Time

I gots me a Kalimba.

It's a thumb piano. I'm trying to learn some tunes, but it's a 7-tine kalimba, which really isn't used often at all. I need to get a real, awesome one, but for now this will do.

Go deacs!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comatose Blues

Preface: Sometimes I think I need mental care. Tonight is one of those nights. For some reason the idea for this song is hilarious to me. I will not know why when I wake up tomorrow.

As for the song, use a basic blues riff for two verses and then the more drawn out bit you hear for the "You see, now" part.

There was a little girl,
named Sweet Marie.
Prettiest little thing
that you ever did see.

But I got a problem,
I should not love her.
I am just a poor boy
that she won't ever remember.

You see, now,
My baby's in a coma,
and that just leads to no good.
Now I'm wondering to myself,
Would she really complain if she could?

She's my sleepin' beauty,
my pride and joy.
I wanna tumble with her,
be her bad loverboy.

Is it really true love?
Is this romance best?
Look at her teasin' me there,
her silence screams yes.

You see, now,
My baby's in a coma,
oh what am I supposed to do?
Oh lord have mercy,
but she's one hell of a screw.

I went to see Sweet Marie,
just yesterday,
but the policeman he stopped me,
come to take me away.

How I screamed and I hollered,
lord I really gave 'em hell.
I still loved my baby,
I still rang her southern bell.

You see, now,
My baby was in a coma,
but she knew what I had done.
Sweet Marie my baby,
didn't seem to think it was much fun.

It's cold and it's dark here,
all alone in this joint.
Singing my comatose blues,
gotta drive home the point.

Turns out I was mistaken,
about Sweet Marie.
She wasn't in a coma,
it was her sister Peggy-Lee.

You see, now,
My baby's sister was in a coma,
and I had had too much fun.
Now I'm singing the comatose blues,
in prison for a hundred and one.


Alive and well, and a home to boot.

I cooked mushrooms to have with some pasta tonight. I practiced the art of Umami. I baked shiitake mushrooms to the point that they tasted almost exactly like bacon. It was amazing. AMAZING I SAY!

Anywhom, I'm on the verge of buying a ukulele because I feel I should know how to play at least one instrument successfully before I die, and I might as well make it a miniature guitar.

On another note, I've returned to the World of Warcraft, having created my fourth character. I don't know how I get myself stuck in these situations, really I don't.

-yawns- Sleepy time I think.

Monday, March 2, 2009


It snowed like crazy last night!

School was canceled for today, but I still have papers to write, oh boy! How wonderful, indeed!

Also! I get to have my Monday night class tomorrow night instead! Joy!

However, last night was fantastic, and well-needed. I shouldn't have gone out as long as I did, but I don't feel any worse than I have been - actually, I feel better.

It was so bright out for it to have been 1am, and it was eerily quiet. My friends and I walked the whole campus, and came to Davis field. We saw a tree break, and were attacked by a group of girls armed to the teeth with snowballs. We quickly built a snowfort and counterattacked. It was a great time, and the fight lasted probably 30 minutes.

All of us stopped to see a group of 12 or so come into our field, so we taunted them into attacking. We fended them off and they actually ran away. It was bloody brilliant.

Afterward, me Nick 'n Wade were leaving the field when a blue-white flash caught us off-guard. I was about to drop to the ground, and the others ducked briefly, and we heard a low, deep boom. A transformer has blown near Faculty Drive. For us to have not seen the actual explosion....damn that was bright.

The snow is still here, and what little has melted will freeze solid tonight. The roads are mostly cleared now, unfortunately, so I don't feel that there will even be a delay tomorrow (unbelievably unfortunately terrible).

Oh well, off to write my papers which I've neglected for two weeks. Hurroo.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the Road to Recovery

I lost my voice yesterday, yet had recovered it come late last night.

Today, it is trying to go away again.

The weather outside right now is unbearably bleak. I wish the snow would come and at least make things look pretty.

Naps are such wonderful things; I should try to take more of them.