Monday, September 29, 2008

I Been Thinkin'...(1)

I've been thinking. More specifically, I've been thinking about a lot of things. The DOW is plummeting; The Bailout did not get passed in the House; Religious loonies are getting even louder somehow; the body members of my organization on campus are useless to the point of being absolutely pathetic; Parliament-Funkadelic is one of the greatest personal finds on the planet.

The Bailout didn't get passed, as I just said. That's fine with me, because the gov't needs to learn where to invest the money where good will come from it, not more people getting screwed over. All I know is that $700 BILLION was going to be given to banks that may or may not survive, and it was still iffy even if they had gotten the monies. I'm glad to see our economy screeching to a halt; it makes for one hell of a social stimulant. Wachovia was absorbed into Citigroup, so I'm wondering whether or not to withdraw all my monies and hide it under my bed, which isn't that crazy of an idea anymore.

With this failing industry of ours, we're going to see many foreign nations buying up our businesses and towns. Dubai has huge investments in half of the New York Skyline, so they profit as more people from outside travel into New York City. Fantastic.

Religious loonies are apparently bringing up talks of the Anti-Christ again; they have to be if even my mom was talking about it today. She asked me "just what is an Anti-Christ?" be honest, I had never, ever expected myself to have that conversation with her. That was definitely one of the weirder of life's moments.

I'm part of the Resident Student Association, which to me sounds like a redundant name for an on-campus organization made up of students who are residents on said campus. The general body members are completely useless to the cause as hardly anyone shows up, and when they do, they don't contribute. Leeches. The board isn't that wonderful, either, and I'm part of the friggin' board. We don't plan well, and the president has a most delightful habit of being an outright dick at some of the worst times possible.

Parliament-Funkadelic: greatest find of the day, hands down. I love Funk, and I've been wanting to delve more into the genre, and I figured I'd look up more about Bootsy Collins, who is amazing in his own rights. Well, seeing that he was part of Parliament-Funkadelic, a collaboration between himself, George Clinton, and like 20 other guys, you just can't go wrong. P-Funk is just the head name of the group in general, as Parliament and Funkadelic were their own entities working under different labels. Both fantastic, both worth listening to. George Clinton is a genius for bringing all these people together. Easily one of my favorite songs is now "Maggot Brain"; it's an 11 minute guitar solo from the gods which a crazy-ass intro. What's not to love?

That's all for now.

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