Friday, March 14, 2008

Arbitrary Posting

It's been a while, so I figured I'd post something for the heck of it.

I would go into this whole political rant over why I don't want to really support either candidate of the Democratic party that's still running (though I've never supported a Republican), and I could take a good page to do that. However, it would just turn out to be the same old rhetoric everyone else is spewing. I do want to say that my mom did make the smartest statement that she's ever made concerning our discussions on politics today: "I just think I'm not going to vote." I really do think that'd be best for her, anyway. Honestly, it really is the most logical thing she's said concerning politics.

ANYWAY, so instead of political rants, here's a video of Disco Ernie, an 88-year old male stripper.

*Update* -
I regret to announce that apparently Ernie died in 2003 at the tender age of
89. Damn shame; I was hoping to get him for my friend's upcoming 21st.

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