Monday, May 5, 2008

School Days Are Almost Over

Well, school's almost out for me. I'm heading home Thursday, and maybe I can get started on making decent videos to post. I've made one, but the audio is shite, and the programs I have available to do editing...well...won't let me.

I've got a statistics, journalism, and two English finals to complete by Thursday, and then I can go home! I would like to find the nearest comic-book store real soon, because I want to buy a dice set for a potential D&D career. It would make for a great time killer when I'm not studying around here, and it seems kinda worth getting in to, even if just for one school-year.

I have fallen in love with Steampunk. I will have to find proper tools and burny-melty equipment to mold metals into fun things to play with.

I'm going to sleep now, as this will be the earliest I've gone to bed possibly in a week.

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