Thursday, January 15, 2009


I think I've finally developed poor sleep patterns, which is really bad given school just started back up.

I just don't ever feel like I need to go to sleep until it's around 4am, and that's just no good.

Sometimes my mind wanders while I lay awake in my bed; trees...I tend to see trees when I drift away.

Looking at my left arm, I notice I have an unusual amount of hair that stands up. It's not like there's static in the air, it's just the hair grows up. It's really strange to see with only the glow of the monitor. The hairs seem so long and weird like this, when in daylight they're probably not even visible.

The laptop's coming along; I'm getting most everything finally organized. I have to finish writing this report for a bid at a conference I'm going to soon. Don't wanna finish it, but what can I do?

Wade has a hookah. The current flavor is honey. It smells absolutely fantastic, and doesn't taste bad either, though I only took one hit. He was experimenting with keeping the smoke away from the alarms tonight, and from what I can tell, he succeeded. Most of the suite smells of honey, and the alarms didn't sound. I just hope he's not pushing his luck too far. It really does smell fantastic, though.

Oh well, off to dream-land now.

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