Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

This week seems like it'll be alright. There isn't that much of a workload to deal with, and everyone here seems to be a lot calmer than in the past few weeks.

This campus seems to carry quite a bit of tension in the air, despite being so pretty.

Speaking of things in the air, I got to enjoy a little oddity today, if only briefly. Snow. It's in the 40's out today, and blue skies all around, except for the one gigantic blackening cloud resting above the entire campus.

I was biking to class when I felt something hit me in the forehead. It hit me again, and then I noticed something melting on my sunglasses. It was hard for me to believe this was actually snow, but these minuscule pellets of freeze were coming down, little by little.

There wasn't nearly enough for it to make a damned bit of difference here, but just to see nature trying to bring a little joy to this place was, well...neat.

The temps tonight are supposed to be in the lower 20's, so maybe more winter weather is on the way. I've personally never trusted a groundhog for my weather reports, but sometimes they prove better than the average weatherman.

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