Friday, August 7, 2009


"I don't think you care about and Bryan. I don't know what the deal is. You don't listen to what we say...- It's like you do what you want, and your stuff is first priority."

This really is the most damning thing that has been said to me by my family. I do not know why mom insists upon such...complete nonsense. Because I hesitate to listen to her continually complain about dad, and how when I tell her that he does not listen to me (after complaining that I do not help her get the point through his thick skull) I am once again somehow siding with him, and for an added touch of flavor, hate her.

Because I try once in a while to leave the house just to be by myself, exploring the town as though I actually lived here and could have any hopes of enjoying any of it.

Because I do not immediately do chores around the house.

Because I want to talk to whoever the hell I want to talk to.

Because I am no longer a child and can and do make decisions for myself.

Because she cannot get over herself, and if I were to ever say that, she would cry and really believe I hate her.

Because my life has apparently consisted of nothing more than making one "poor choice" after another, despite finding myself to be somewhat happy and enjoying the things I've done for myself.

Because I don't live in fucking bizzaro world and don't know what the fuck she is talking about anymore.

Because I exist, probably.


It's all bullshit.

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