Monday, August 11, 2008

Pretty Symbolism

Here's the little logo I'm adopting to advertise my devil-worshiping, baby-eating ways.


minusRusty in the comments told me this is Godfrey Temple's "Affinity" symbol. I like that name better than mine - Infinite A symbol thingy.

By the way, Thanks to minusRusty for being super-awesome for being the only person that I do not know to ever post on my blog!


minusRusty said...

Saw your post on Pharyngula, replied there, but am also replying here.

That would be Godfrey Temple's Affinity, Hitek.

One in red is here, or you can google "godfrey temple affinity" (without quotes) for other postings that have images, and he's also set up something on Cafe Press for t-shirts and stuff (godless pirates).


minusRusty said...

Popped your cherry, did I?