Friday, December 26, 2008

Bigger Update than I Like

I'm cramming in info from the past couple of days instead of my usually daily chunk, so I apologize.

Yesterday:  Did the whole Christmas Eve service with the family.  Not really my choice, but at least we did something together.  It was...different...especially for an Episcopal church.  Given it's name was the Episcopal Church of the Ressurection, I guess you have to be a little more imaginative.  Sadly, I took of the body and blood of baby jesus.  I tried not to, but that wine was fiercely strong and forced me to swallow it all down.  Very grape-y, yes, but unbelievably strong.

Today:  Christmas morn'.  Argyle socks (very happy about those), a hat with LED lights for night riding, a beautiful pocket knife (though Kelly's is much much more cherished and wanted), a diploma frame, some shirts, and cookware stuffs.  In all, it's a pretty decent haul and dinner wasn't bad either.  Nice big ham on the grill, collard greens, sweet potato casserole, and lots of corn-bread.


After about two or so hours of hunting, I finally tracked down the Christmas special of Doctor Who.  My god, it was fantastic.  It was on par with all the other episodes.  However, there was no transition of Doctor(s).  No regeneration.  It was a really simple and very sweet story, nonetheless.  I'm still terribly sad that David Tennant is leaving his role as the Doctor, because I don't think any man can do better.  He is THE BEST Doctor the series has ever had, and it will be very unfortunate to see him go.  The remaining four or so Specials that will run through 2009 will be very much cherished, and I will steal all of them as they come.

Ta' for now.

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