Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, I'm back home now, and exams are done. I don't really know how I did on any of them since grades haven't been posted (also, today was officially the last day of exams, AND the last day for students to move out of the dorms before being fined).

So far, I've gotten my hand on a good number of albums, most of them unknowns (but all of them pretty damn good). One of my early favorites is Klaus & Kinski. Good luck finding anything on them. So far, all my searches have really only resulted in their MySpace page, and the rest of them are about some German actor named Klaus Kinski. I'm also looking forward to hearing Jay Reatard (yes, his real name), Whitest Boy Alive, and Benji Hughes (a Charlotte, NC native). I'll update later and link to their respective info pages.

I also got to open up one of my Christmas gifts early - a computer desk so I'll have somewhere to put my new desktop that I got over Black Friday.

Tomorrow, I'm going with the parentals to meet some family for lunch. Bobbie and Laurie Norris. Bobbie's a fairly new preacher (been at it for at least a year now), and he's giving his spiel in Conway. They also want to visit the Coastal Grand Mall, as they've yet to go to it. It's bound to be a joyous day with this holy-rollin' duo.

Ah, well...such is life. One day you get a computer, the next you're dining with preachers.

Off to dreamland now.

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