Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comatose Blues

Preface: Sometimes I think I need mental care. Tonight is one of those nights. For some reason the idea for this song is hilarious to me. I will not know why when I wake up tomorrow.

As for the song, use a basic blues riff for two verses and then the more drawn out bit you hear for the "You see, now" part.

There was a little girl,
named Sweet Marie.
Prettiest little thing
that you ever did see.

But I got a problem,
I should not love her.
I am just a poor boy
that she won't ever remember.

You see, now,
My baby's in a coma,
and that just leads to no good.
Now I'm wondering to myself,
Would she really complain if she could?

She's my sleepin' beauty,
my pride and joy.
I wanna tumble with her,
be her bad loverboy.

Is it really true love?
Is this romance best?
Look at her teasin' me there,
her silence screams yes.

You see, now,
My baby's in a coma,
oh what am I supposed to do?
Oh lord have mercy,
but she's one hell of a screw.

I went to see Sweet Marie,
just yesterday,
but the policeman he stopped me,
come to take me away.

How I screamed and I hollered,
lord I really gave 'em hell.
I still loved my baby,
I still rang her southern bell.

You see, now,
My baby was in a coma,
but she knew what I had done.
Sweet Marie my baby,
didn't seem to think it was much fun.

It's cold and it's dark here,
all alone in this joint.
Singing my comatose blues,
gotta drive home the point.

Turns out I was mistaken,
about Sweet Marie.
She wasn't in a coma,
it was her sister Peggy-Lee.

You see, now,
My baby's sister was in a coma,
and I had had too much fun.
Now I'm singing the comatose blues,
in prison for a hundred and one.

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