Monday, March 2, 2009


It snowed like crazy last night!

School was canceled for today, but I still have papers to write, oh boy! How wonderful, indeed!

Also! I get to have my Monday night class tomorrow night instead! Joy!

However, last night was fantastic, and well-needed. I shouldn't have gone out as long as I did, but I don't feel any worse than I have been - actually, I feel better.

It was so bright out for it to have been 1am, and it was eerily quiet. My friends and I walked the whole campus, and came to Davis field. We saw a tree break, and were attacked by a group of girls armed to the teeth with snowballs. We quickly built a snowfort and counterattacked. It was a great time, and the fight lasted probably 30 minutes.

All of us stopped to see a group of 12 or so come into our field, so we taunted them into attacking. We fended them off and they actually ran away. It was bloody brilliant.

Afterward, me Nick 'n Wade were leaving the field when a blue-white flash caught us off-guard. I was about to drop to the ground, and the others ducked briefly, and we heard a low, deep boom. A transformer has blown near Faculty Drive. For us to have not seen the actual explosion....damn that was bright.

The snow is still here, and what little has melted will freeze solid tonight. The roads are mostly cleared now, unfortunately, so I don't feel that there will even be a delay tomorrow (unbelievably unfortunately terrible).

Oh well, off to write my papers which I've neglected for two weeks. Hurroo.

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