Saturday, March 14, 2009

Death of a Dear Friend

Today, something near and dear to me died.

I came across my old Game Boy after a few years of non-use, and was happy to see Tetris was laying right beside it.

I turned it on, and the faint yellow glow warmed my heart as I watched "Nintendo" scroll down to the middle of the screen, with that classic "ding" it always made.

Sadly, as the Tetris theme song came to play, I noticed the power light dimming, and the screen followed suit. I figured that the batteries, having not been changed in a while, had just given out and everything would be fine in a minute or so when I replaced them.

Alas, this was not so. Despite numerous battery combinations and a dozen attempts, my Game Boy wouldn't revive. I watched my oldest and most trusted gaming system take its last breath as I held it in my hands one last time.

It's probably silly to be saddened by this, or even upset as I am feeling right now, and it most likely is silly and foolish. But this Game Boy, that old grey brick, was my best and only friend for so many years, that it's hard to imagine I ever stopped playing it for a second. I have so many games I actually haven't finished, because I liked to take my time when it comes to playing games.

I'm not going to throw it away. I'm going to do a lot of research when I get back home from a quick shopping run to see if there's any way to revive my Game Boy, or even if I could by some sort of AC adapter and juice it up that way.

I've always loved you, Game Boy. You were a fantastic friend. If only Nintendo could continue making classic, durable products like that.

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