Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Complaint # 14,782

This school is run by bureaucratic shitiots (yes that's a term!) who can't tell their elbow from their ass.

Every year the screw me over in some way at registration time, but NOW they're risking my graduation. I'm not letting them do that. Sadly, I have to get my family to help, since they're the ones with the money. It kills me that I can do nothing unless I were to hold $40,000 to their face and say "fix it".

I failed my stats test today, meaning I'm probably going to fail yet another math course. There's a rumor that the Registrar can just cancel the requirement, and if true, I'm hitting that up. If it's not, then I'm probably not going to graduate regardless of earlier circumstances.

My roommate is a seedy, self-absorbed, un-deservingly arrogant asswipe who has just been given too much in his life and needs a serious fucking reality check. For the first time ever I actually felt threatened by this twat, despite his being a twig. Sure, he's in ROTC and knows like 5 moves that can kill me, but I have the elements on my side -- I own a fold-up chair that's quite light. I'm actually going to see about getting a single to get away from him for the remaining 5 weeks of school. I canNOT handle being around him anymore.

Today sucks.

Today really, really sucks.

Maybe this will help.

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