Friday, April 25, 2008

Winding Down

Well, the school year is almost done...

I got my paper turned in, somehow, and I got a C on it, somehow.

It's Friday, so that's always nice. I was hoping to go out for wings tonight, but I think some others were considering hitting up a Japanese Steak House, which is fine with me, but just a little more expensive than I was planning on. It's still going out and having fun, so it'll make for a good Friday evening.

I'm not sure how to feel about the close of this year; some of my friends won't be coming back. They somehow have managed to graduate early, with another friend graduating in December. It's kind of sad to think that some of my friends won't be around anymore, but hopefully we'll keep in touch.

Hopefully the summer will bring on fun times and wonderful experiences.

As for the videos I was talk about making earlier, they're going slowly...very, very slowly. I've got one, but my camera pretty much died afterwards, so the whole process is being postponed. It'll help when I buy a decent headset so people can actually hear me, and also when I find a video-editing program that will actually let me edit.

Have a good weekend.

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